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I've been a performer all my life. It's allowed me to do some amazing things both as part of organizations and as a solo artist. Below you can find out about some of my current projects and artistic affiliations. associations and projects

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My wife and I run Makesndoes - a production company started in 2015 - that specializes in music, comedy and video production. Our latest show "Unbridled Futurism" is a music-driven sci-fi romp through the multiverse. It's been called "strange and surreal", "exceedingly entertaining" and "weird as f@ck" as well as "a fun, weird mixture of tv's sliders, david bowie's space oddity and mystery science theatre 3000".


the old trout puppet workshop

I've been touring and creating with The Old Trout Puppet Workshop since 2010. I've toured and contributed creatively to their shows "Famous Puppet Death Scenes", "Jabberwocky", "Ignorance", "The Tooth Tairy" and "The Unlikely Birth of Istvan".


mi casa theatre

I've worked alongside Emily Pearlman since 2009 as the Co-Artistic Directors of Mi Casa theatre. Together we've created and toured a ton of original work and music including the hit show (and the newly translated to French!) "Countries Shaped Like Stars".



I've been a resident artist at the Bad Dog Comedy Theatre since 2013 acting as Music Director for over 15 improv productions including their flagship shows "Toronto, I Love You" and "La Grande Jatte".